Language translation is the process of changing the language of document or text into another language. The process of translation is done by a translator, a person who is knowledgeable in many languages or understands many languages of the world. The document or text being translated is called the source language while the final language is called the target language. Translation gains importance in publishing, preparation of educational materials and also in international marketing. Professional translation finds many uses in the field of publications, education and even in business. In publications, it will involve translating a book from one language to another to facilitate publishing using the target language. This will be geared towards a specific audience who do not speak the source language. In the field of education, the translation is essential in preparing learning materials. Some learning materials in source language do not get understood by others, and therefore translation is required to help others also read and understand the same materials.  

In the field of business, languages translation is helpful because it helps companies explore broader market around the globe. For example, a company that mainly uses English as the main mode of communication would want to explore more market from French-speaking countries. This helps a company increase its scope of operation and also increase sales. Professional translation creates competition among companies since that company that can effectively communicate with its customers using the customer's language will have the upper hand over the other companies. Therefore, the translation itself is a profession. Those people or companies that hire services of a translator do so because they cannot do it themselves.

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The translators ought to be fluent in both the source and the target languages. He/she should be familiar with the subject matter that needs translation and also good knowledge on correlations between the source language and the target language. He should be able to establish when to paraphrase and when to translate literally. The best translators are culturally divergent such that they are familiar with the culture of the second language to a level that is needed to make an excellent translator of a book or text. Translation is more of translating the meaning of a piece of writing from one language to another with as little literal changes as possible. Read more at  

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